Bespoke project management for the self builder and small developer

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Price Guide

Detached garage £60

Domestic extension £95

Small detached house £150

Pair semi-detached £180

Large detached house £200

Mews houses [each] £90

Barn Conversions POA

Bespoke developments POA

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How will this benefit me as a self builder or small developer?

  • Use as an estimate check to ensure all estimates received are "like for like" - You can identify anything left out - Builders have been known to leave out or omit to quote items to appear competitive and then charge you extra at a higher cost when the build is under way.
  • Additional cost certainty at an early stage - no hidden extra over costs for work not priced.
  • Please note: If your self build project has not started and you know when it will start then I will automatically build in the current inflation factor to the costs.

What does fully qualified mean?
  • Full details of all materials described (in terms that you will understand)
  • Seperately priced stages for example: foundations, brickwork, roof, bathroom, kitchen etc and includes plant, machinery, tradesmen and labour.
  • Includes a fully priced schedule of materials using a national database and automatically links delivery dates to the programme (included free)

What do I need to do to use this service?
  • For initial project planning and budget estimates a basic idea of the type and size of extension, garage or house [how many bedrooms, bathrooms etc] is all I need. Simply contact me to discuss what information you have.
  • For detailed estimates - simply contact me to discuss and then e-mail details and plans or drawings in autoCAD or PDF document format. These must be to a scale.
  • If you cannot e-mail drawings simply contact me for postal details or to discuss your requirements.
  • I will issue the detailed estimates by e-mail in about 7 days and also in hard copy when I return your documents if you posted them to me.
  • If you need a quick turnaround please contact me.